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Meta Signals COMBO

Meta Signals COMBO

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This special COMBO is the result of the NGRAVE and Meta Signals collaboration. Add to cart and use your unique code in order to claim your NGRAVE COMBO pack.

Est. shipping period: Within 2 weeks after claim.

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What will you find in this box:

  • ZERO Hardware Wallet
  • ZERO USB-C Cable
  • GRAPHENE Upper Plate
  • GRAPHENE Lower Plate
  • GRAPHENE Punch Pen
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Safest solution for your Bitcoin, NFTs and Crypto

Generate your keys offline

ZERO is fully "air-gapped". It does not rely on USB or any network connection capability such as WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, or 4G. All communication takes place via transparent QR codes.

NGRAVE is one of the most expensive cold wallets on the market, but it's definitely worth it! It is the most secure cold wallet worldwide, and the display is big compared to other cold wallets. I also appreciate the excellent customer support!

Wolfgang from Austria

The highest security certification

We take your safety so seriously that we went for the highest security certification in the world. ZERO is the only financial product to integrate an EAL7-certified OS.

Biometric security

ZERO's biometric sensor adds an extra layer of security for authentication and transaction signing. Your fingerprint is used as a variable to create your Perfect Key, unlock your device, and sign transactions in combination with a solid 8-digit PIN code.