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NGRAVE offers the first full end-to-end solution in the industry. For every what-if you might have concerning your security, we thought of it. Our product suite consists of:

ZERO: The most secure crypto wallet in the industry, formally proven by its EAL7 security certification, the highest attainable in the world. 

GRAPHENE: The first encrypted and recoverable steel back-up in the blockchain space, truly taking your security to the extreme.

LIQUID: Our own mobile app to consult your account balance in real time and broadcast signed transactions to the blockchain.

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NGRAVE ZERO is a fully offline device, providing the most extreme form of protection against online hackers. As the ZERO never needs to connect over USB, Bluetooth, NFC, Wifi, 4G or any other network connection, hackers simply cannot even attempt to steal your crypto.

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ZERO was built from scratch to feature multiple layers of physical protection. At the deepest level, the device also embeds a Secure Element (SE) that is specifically designed to be an additional vault for your private keys (the secret access keys to your funds). ZERO's smart operating system also recognizes attacks, upon which it will automatically wipe the keys.

At NGRAVE we take your security so seriously that we went for the highest security certification in the world - Common Criteria EAL7. No shortcuts to your peace of mind with the safest crypto wallet.

If you lose your ZERO, you need a backup you can trust.

Our GRAPHENE provides the answer. High quality stainless steel that can withstand extreme temperatures of up to 1660 degrees Celsius (3020° Fahrenheit). Water-, corrosion- and shock-resistant. Forget paper wallets, here is your everlasting backup.

And we didn't stop there. GRAPHENE is literally a cryptographic puzzle, consisting of two "agnostic" plates: if someone finds one of the plates, they have zero information on your actual key. Both plates are required to recover the key.

GRAPHENE allows you to finally safe keep each part of your backup in a separate location as an additional measure of security.

Truly the coldest of all backups.

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